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Today we share with you another interview, this time with the DJ/Producer from Portugal, Deepblue.
Take your time and learn more about this young and talented man that his passion is to produce music.


Wide Future (WF) – What do you do, what are your hobbies, when you’re not producing?
DEEPBLUE (DB) Well … Nothing relaxes me more than to get in my car and go for a great trip around, preferably at sunset.

WF – Part of your inspiration comes after these trips?
DB – Inspiration comes randomly. I can be on a very good day and can’t get ideas or being on a bad day and starting two or three tracks.

WF: With that, do you want to say that you don’t have a method or a way to produce?
So you can start a track through a melody that you had idealized or you can start “playing” with sounds and suddenly magic happens?
DB – Exactly. Many producers have a specific method to start a track, but as many, like me, start in any of these ways.

WF – Since you have produced several styles of electronic music like Progressive House, Future House, Electro etc etc … With which style do you identify more or feel more comfortable?
DB – It’s complicated to say, because having the idea, there is nothing that prevents me from achieving it, I have already gone beyond that phase. But I would say maybe Progressive, because I always tend to do more melodic things.

WF – How was 2015 for you and what do you expect for 2016?
DB – 2015 was clearly a bad year, where I had some problems that prevented me from concentrating, but 2016 started in the best way and I have a lot set aside to show you. It’s going to be very good, I’m sure.

WF – We’ve heard the news. Collaboration with Chuckie, signed an official remix with Warner … Can you tell us a little more about this remix to Cardiknox, in exclusive for Wide Future?
DB – In addition to what I’ve mentioned about the remix, the tight deadlines, the fact that it was asked by them, I can also tell you that you’ll be able to hear it much sooner than you think.

WF – Will we be able to hear the track on your #WideFriday set?
DB – I haven’t decided yet. (laughs).

WF – Last year you’ve won the Nova Era Beach Party contest and you opened the stage on the second day, alongside with big names like Steve Angello, Dyro, AN21, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, etc … How was the experience and what you retain from that?
DB – It was a very rewarding experience, as well as entering a giant lineup, I was able to match what was requested: a warm-up. During my set time, I was “warming up” the audience gradually so that whoever came next could already pull more, and this is a knowledge that most of today’s DJs lack: reading the public. I went with a completely improvised set, because I didn’t know what audience was going to find.
I also took from this experience the small conversations I had with some international artists, especially Ummet Ozcan, who surprised me by saying that he already knew my name, he was the friendliest artist I have ever met.

WF – Do you also suffer from the fact that are still many “DJ’s” who don’t respect the headliner and don’t know how to do a warm-up set? Has anything like this ever happened to you?
DB – Too many times. In about 8 years of career as a DJ, I’ve done a lot of dates and, in possibly 3 out of 10 dates, I get a bad warm-up. I even got “DJ’s” to play drum & bass and hardstyle around 1 am, or early evening, before I came in.

WF – So, do you think there are still a lot of people who are poorly informed about DJing?
DB – A lot of people. Mostly because they think they just need to buy a DJ Controller and create a Facebook page. It’s much more than that. It’s necessary to respect the art, to learn and to realize that if the goal is to enter in the scene for money, then do not even enter.

WF – Well, I wanted to know what your influences are, name some of the artists that led you to produce and that still inspires you today.
DB – As a producer, at the time, the nationals were Kura (already in 2008/2009), Massivedrum and Mastiksoul. Then internationally, there were Avicii and Zedd!

WF – You have been receiving a lot of support from the artists that you mentioned and that will be an important part of you and your career. You yourself have supported many artists in your radio show on Mega Hits. Which one of those artists you see that have a good future?
DB – In the near future, let me quickly remember, no doubt David Souza, Zzy, Frepz and Dead Chaos.

WF – Well, all those producers played on Wide Future. What do you find about WF’s work in the community, however small?
DB – Excellent. This kind of initiative is much needed, and I am a great supporter of those who really try to make a difference. For my part, they will always have all the help.

WF – You talked about supporting Dead Chaos. We know that you’re longtime friends, and we know Dead Chaos will collaborate with several national producers, can you tell us if you’re one of them? On the other hand, is there any collaboration in mind at the national level?
DB – Dead Chaos will always have all the support from me, and yes, we have already been and we are working on projects. Maybe something will come out soon. As for other artists, I can say that I already have collaborations almost finished with big names, wait and see.

WF – Can you lift some of the veil in those names?
DB – Unfortunately not. It has to stay in complete secrecy … For now.

WF – How do you see the EDM scene at the moment in Portugal? Do you think that, in addition to being growing, is it improving or not at all? More specifically, in terms of the farming community, the image we see in Holland and its union.
DB – I don’t think that it’s stuck, but it’s not growing as it should be. Fortunately, some reputed producers are trying to help younger ones, but it will always be a “slow” growth more by the mentality of our culture. Of course there are exceptions. I have to highlight KURA, which is tireless to support new talents.

WF: In your opinion, what do you think that needs to change?
DB – In my opinion, I think a lot of people don’t actually let the “little big talents” go up, simply by fear that they will take their places.

WF – But of course, without competitiveness within a market, it’s not possible for the same market to grow in quality … There is also the “repetition” factor, which begins to happen with Kura, where the national market is small, big names of quality And the promoters always resort to Kura, making the public come to a state of saturation, more talent / quality would prevent this?
DB – It’s an endless discussion. My advice is simple: focus on work and fight until you reach the goal. Those who have quality will one day be avenged.

WF – To end this interview … Do you have any message that you want to leave to the people who follow you, Wide Future and the people who will listen to us on Friday?
DB – I want to leave a message of thanks, as always, for all the support, because it’s for all of you that I wake up every morning willing to work in this area. Always expect new music!

WF – On behalf of Wide Future, thank you for your time and we look forward to hear what you will bring to us in this #WideFriday!
DB – No problem.


That was the interview that we’ve done to Deepblue.

Check below the remix he did of Tiesto & Don Diablo track called “Chemicals

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