Just one more week until ‘The Best Of Armin Only’’ tickets to go on sale!

The colossal Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren is celebrating his twenty years of a solo, much honored and awarded career with a very special show. Armin is bringing the promise of an unforgettable night with ‘’The Best Of Armin Only”!

Through his twenty years of career, Armin has been traveling the World and conquering fans all over, not only for his productions at a musical level but also for his outstanding shows worldwide and his achievements on his long track record of successes!
The concept of ‘’Armin Only’’ was born to allow him to play longer sets so he could demonstrate his more creative side, which wouldn’t be possible on a regular time set! Now with this special show, that will take place in the 13 of May of 2017 in the mighty Amsterdam Arena, we will see something never witnessed before.
Since his younger memories of playing at the clubs in the Netherlands to his biggest accomplishments with his current world tour – Armin Only – every highlight will be presented, being that the Dutch legend tells us that ‘’This is going to be the most monumental and enticing show ever!’’

Tickets will be on sale on the 2nd of December so don’t let this chance of having one of the most memorable nights of your life go away, mark your calendars!

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