Deadmau5 doesn’t need any presentations, Joel Zimmerman (Real name) is a Canadian DJ/Producer which has marked the Dance Music industry for the past 10 years with releases such as “Veldt”, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”, “Strobe” and continuous to do so with upcoming masterpieces “04ware“, “2448” and many more which will be featured in his upcoming album W:/2016ALBUM/”.

With such an incredible musical portfolio it’s only natural that many people may take interest learning from the greatest, although Deadmau5 streams frequently while producing through twitch, this time round he promises it will be serious. There will be over 20 classes for just 90$ (83€/£72), which will teach the ins and outs of beats, synths, melodies, mixing, mastering, and branding. He’ll also teach you what not to do, in his own way and style as we all have gotten used to over the years.

Deadmau5 had this to say:

“Kids, DJs … anyone can compose music with just a computer,” he says. “My MasterClass is a no bullshit look into what it takes to make great music, and it’s not just buying millions of dollars worth of gear. I’m going to show my students how to play with sounds and mix melodies they can share with the world. I’ve never done something at this depth before.”

Zimmerman joins an illustrious group of instructors on the MasterClass roster. Christina Aguilera uses the online classes to teach singing, Kevin Spacey is on board to teach acting, Usher is coaching performance, Serena Williams with tennis, and so on in a star-studded array. Deadmau5 is a brilliant choice for the latest MasterClass series.

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