4th of November marked the 10th edition of Creamfields Peru, everything was going to plan and in perfection as both attendees and organizares has hope for, but this was short lived as the crowd in the festival ground started to throw bottles and other objects onto the stage as soon as they found out that fan favorite DJ Tiesto was not going to be performing that evening.

Creamfields has since then released a statement explaining what has happened this past Friday and it reads as follows.

“We want to answer the most frequently asked questions about yesterday’s episode:
1.- Tiësto was in the Festival?
Yes, Tiesto and his team were at the festival

2.- What was the reason for his abrupt withdraw?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  There was a group of misfits trying to enter the festival through the walls behind the stage. The effort and planning of our security team prevented those people from entering. Not being able to enter expressed their frustration throwing objects at our securities. Tiesto’s personal safety decided that the situation was dangerous and left the festival without prior coordination.

3.- Why did not they announce that Tiesto was not going to play anymore?
Because we were trying to get the artist back because this incident was an isolated case that had been quickly controlled. That’s why we asked Blasterjaxx to advance his set to have the possibility that Tiesto close.

We are very sorry that for a group of people who definitely do not appreciate or respect the electronic scene we have had these problems”

It’s incredibly frustrating that this kind of behavior can destroy such an iconic festival and experience for all of the attendees, we hope that Creamfields Peru can overcome this and return once more to the people of Peru, as everyone should experience Dance Music and the beauty of the scene.

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