Already waiting for the 8th edition of Top FM Beach Party

Praia da Barra was in the last August 20th the stage for another bombastic electronic music and hip-hop event in Portugal, which had the honor of closing the summer festival season for the Dance Music addicts in Portugal. The festival started with Hip-Hop Tuga (Portuguese Hip-Hop) with performances by DJM Luiz and Kappa Jotta at the opening, from 22:30 pm with Jimmy P that the Top FM Beach Party ground started to fill up.

EDX got the responsibility to initiate electronic music segment that many went for. The deep, future and progressive house fuelled with giants hits like ‘Missing’ and ‘Roadkill’ created, for 1h and 15 min, the perfect atmosphere for one of the most desired duo of the night, StadiumX. The ‘Protocol Records fans’ caught fire at Praia da Barra with one of the best performances of the night. ‘Harmony’, ‘Howl of the moon’ and ‘Ghost’ completed the soundtrack of the Hungarian duo.

At 2:30 am was the time for the Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman take the stage. For the second time in Portugal this summer, the performance was well below expectations. Most of the opinions it shared the grief for the timid show and once again the sadness for remix of ‘Breathe’ not have been played on the Saturday night.

Temperatures raised once again with Shapov. Author of one of the most wanted tracks of the night – ‘Belong’ with Axwell – starred on of the most intimate moments of the event.

To the chagrin of many fans, the performance of English Kryder was canceled on the day of the event. The artist who was already sick for a few days could not recover in time to return to one of his favorite countries to play in. The artist’s performance time was distributed by other throughout the night.

The seventh edition of the festival ended with the performance of national duo Mayze John and Miguel Faria.

Stage & Infrastructures

The stage there is not much to say. Small but sufficient for the dimensions of the ground, ultimately provide greater proximity to the artists and create a more intimate environment, which becomes valued by music lovers. On a negative note the sound system was not to par with the rest of the event leaving the ravers unsatisfied as sound came to the crowd distorted and unbearable at times.

Another of the most coveted aspects of the festival is related, no doubt, with the tickets. Already from previous editions that the Aveiro’s radio has surprised with luxury lineups and premieres of international artists in Portugal. And the seventh edition was no exception. For the quality of the proposed line-up, the ticket were very affordable.

However, is in the organization and staff which identifies the biggest problem: the fact that the transfer bus ends at 5:30 am while the schedule of the festival exceeds by several minutes the time. Considering the location (difficult to access) was required a service (very well offered in the opposite direction: city center – beach) throughout the event period so that many people did not have to go out during Shapov’s performance.

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