Mating Garrix and Carl Cox are same of the starts that will be featured in a new documentary about the Dance Music scene produced by Bert Marcus productions who has produced films such such as “Teenage Paparazzo” and “How To Make Money Selling Drugs”. Joining the award winning director who produced, wrote and directed the documentary is British BBC Radio 1 legend Pete Tong who comes in as a executive producer and music supervisor.

What we started” documentary will incorporate two stories, the raise of Martin Garrix to stardom and Carl Cox farewell world tour. The focus will mostly be placed onto Garrix and Carl Cox however appearances from Moby, Sasha, Steve Angello, David Guetta, Ed Sheeran, Usher and many more.

In a industry that is evolving at an astonishing pace, Bert Marcus found the documentary would be a great opportunity to expose the development of the whole Dance Music scene as it has left many misunderstood in the process. The youth of Martin Garrix and the reference of Carl Cox are opposites who complement each other in a narrative that aims to clarify the past, present and future of dance music’s all-encompassing world.

“This is a film that honors the spirit of and gives a discerning perspective on different generations of this movement in an unprecedented way and leads you on a globe-trotting journey that explores a dynamic and multi-layered industry,” says Pete Tong, Executive Producer.

Announcing the completion of the film, Bert Marcus Productions is now questioning the date as to when the film should be released.

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There is something special about Dance Music, you can't explain it, just feel it. Dance Music is more than just music, Dance Music is a culture a movement. One that I respect deeply and love to understand be a part of. Started Wide Future in 2014 because of the love I have for every single genre of Dance Music, Techno, House, Drum, Big Room, Trap, Trance, etc.

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