Today we go back in time to remember the little chat that we had with KYLI.

KYLI is a young frenchman from Limoges, France with 20 years old. He started producing at the age of twelve years old having influences such as Porter Robinson, Just A Gent, Wilkinson, Infuze and others.

We had the pleasure to have him in our radioshow #WideFriday and also the opportunity to talk with him.

Check out the interview below.


Wide Future (WF) –  Before anything I want to say that I really love your music Kyli.

KYLI (K) – Thanks a lot! <3

WF – For how long have you been producing and what are or were your influences?

K – I produce music for about 8 years and my main influences are Porter Robinson i think.

His album Worlds was a game changer in electronic music, including at the level of my music, when I listened for the first time, I was glued to my seat, my mouth wide open with a trickle of drool flowing. After that, I could also mention Just A Gent, Haywyre, Wilkinson, Infuze…

WF – I guess I can hear those influences in your productions… Can I say that a collaboration with Porter Robinson would be a dream collaboration?

K – Of course, with every guys that i mentioned.

WF – Some people told me to ask you about one particular song… It’s about Left Me Here with LOKI. There will be more music like that?

K – Oh yes, i’ve already worked on something with Loki, but i prepared my new EP too, and you’re not ready for that.

WF – Is it going to be a game changer too?

K – I don’t know, I can’t say it by myself, but I hope.

WF – Can´t wait  to hear it… Can you tell us more about your remix for Tony Romera, Jordan Viviant & Jeremy Pianelli’s track “So Good” that is going to be released on AVANT/GARDE?

K – It was a big pleasure for me to remix Tony Romera, i’m a big fan of his work since a long time. I was anxious to remix it but it’s easily done, it was really intuitive to work on a track like this because the voice really serves the song.

And my ep will be released on AVANT/GARDE too.

WF – Huge news! Thanks for sharing this with us. We’re fans of all AVANT/GARDE music and now I think that they’re going to release some interesting and different stuff and it’s really cool to know that  you’ll be part of it. Chris Avantgarde helped us a while back with this project  so we’re very happy to see you release there.

K – Yeah, a lot of awesome releases are coming soon on AVANT/GARDE. Chris is a f*cking good guy, he helped me a lot, we work a lot together and you will hear some news about it soon.

WF – Have you ever been in Portugal?

K – No. I hope some day for a party (chuckles)

WF – To a Wide Future Party! How soon, we can’t tell you yet, but we’re working hard towards it…

K – I hope to be there! It will be awesome to party with you!


That was a few months ago. After this interview KYLI has released a few other tracks including the “So Good” remix that we talked about. He’s latest release is a track called “Feels” that was released through Good Enuff, a Mad Decent sub label.

Listen Here:

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