The recently awarded No.1 DJ by DJ MAG magazine, yesterday closed the cycle of 7 tracks released on 7 consecutive days and here is a summary of all the releases.

Martin Garrix & Mesto – WIEE  1/7

The first of the seven tracks to be presented was the collaboration between Martin Garrix and Mesto called “WIEE”, Mesto is a young Dutch promise in the world of Dance Music.

A calm track, but with an infectious beat that recalls Martin Garrix productions, such as “Forbidden Voices” and “Opps”. Mesto influences are also clear, in his usual style of production as we have previously seen in “Rio” or its participation in the track “Bouncybob”.

Martin Garrix – Sun Is Never Going Down (ft. Dawn Golden)  2/7

Second track to be released and is a joint effort with Dawn Golden, titled “Sun Is Never Going Down”.

The North American singer gives voice to this track, a musical recording in melodic progressive house, which was presented in the performance of Ultra Miami. Offering a musical contrast to the “Name Of The Love”, but ensures similarities with “Lions In The Wild.” It is certainly not a giant work in this musical genre, but received enough feedback from the fans.

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Spotless  3/7

Going back to the times of “Error 404” or “Wizard” in which Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway earned their place in the tops of electronic music and has roamed the world with various performances together.

In 2016, they returned to join this time for a collaboration titled “Spotless” that was presented during the set on Ultra Miami by Martin Garrix. It was one of the ID’s that most feedback received from fans.

The style of the musical production of the producers did not leave doubt the collaboration between the two friends. An explosive drop that immediately captures the attention to a combination of sounds between Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway.

Martin Garrix – Hold On And Believe (ft. The Federal Empire)  4/7

The young talent continues to innovate in their musical style, this time presenting us with a collaboration with The Federal Empire, entitled “Hold On And Believe”.

Surprisingly the band had no participation of the Swedish artist Avicii. What has left many fans confused by the similarity of chords and rhythms used in the song “Waiting For Love” which was a co-production between Avicii and Martin Garrix.

A sound that contrasts with the usual drops the young Dutchman. With a melody calm and a voice able to thrill the hearts of butter, “Hold On And Believe” already unites voices in unison during Martin Garrix’s perfomances.

Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan – Welcome  5/7

This time, most other major production from the young Dutch. The theme “Welcome” marks the return of a collaboration that has long been expected.

A work done with his longtime friend, Julian Jordan, recalling the times they took the first steps in the world of electronic music, when they produced the hit “BFAM” by the publisher Spinnin ‘Records. Since that time much has changed here, including the level of production of the two friends.

Since the set at Ultra in Miami, March, the track has become one of the most anticipated ID’s. From that moment, was an assiduous presence on the sets of both dj’s which meant it screamed that it was a 100% collaboration between the two.

A track that is outside the usual style of Garrix that track your way through a “chilling vibes” and ends quickly with an energetic drop where no one is unable not to dance along.

Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko – Together  6/7

Again Martin Garrix joined forces with the Russian brothers. The last time that the three gathered in a studio, gave rise to the songs “Dragon” and “Break Through The Silence” that received tremendous support from many DJs.

Together also is no exception, a track that is based on melodic progressive house, with a vocal that agitate any lover of this musical genre. A track that certainly that will take the main stage in the world of electronics, all over the world.

Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso – Make Up Your Mind  7/7

And to close the count of seven songs comes “Make Up Your Mind”. A collaboration has long been awaited by fans of both producers. This time collaboration is with Florian Picasso, the new talent that has for some time has been a presence in Garrix performances with productions of his own.

Influences of electro house and with a contagious drop, different from what we are used to hearing from the two producers, to complete this “banger”. It’s clearly noticeable the mixture of various styles, for example, an electro and trap.

It is without doubt one of the best work done so far by Martin Garrix a single track that is ensured by fans as the best of the seven released songs.

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