João Carvalho, from Portugal is a 24 year old promising DJ/Producer with the stage name of  “Deepblue”.

Deepblue discovered the passion for the art of DJing at 13, it was at that age that Deepblue started taking his first steps at home. Always felt something stronger in music which led him to explore the world of electronic music. It began as a joke and after two years he had his first performance in a bar close to his residential area.

At the age of 16, his curiosity led him to produce. The necessity of completing songs that he heard and felt that something was missing, further more encouraged Deepblue to learn about music production.  Inspired by local artists, Pete Tha Zouk and Massivedrum, continued to produce constantly.

Pete Tha Zouk besides inspiration became a friend. A few years later Deepblue launched a track in a well known publisher Vidisco. Still unfinished, Deepblue sent a preview to Pete tha Zouk Facebook page. Surprisingly he got a very positive feedback. From there on, both remained in contact and later worked together.

Months of work with Pete Tha Zouk came to fruition, and so “We are Tomorrow”  was born a national hit . Launched in 2012, currently has around 600 thousand views on YouTube. The collaboration had great impact on Deepblue’s career. That same year during TMN Sudoeste Festival (now called MEO Southwest) during Pete tha Zouk set Deepblue was called on stage, this is considered by Deepblue the highest point so far in his career this far. This also marks the moment when Deepblue began to be known to the larger public. Step on the stage of one of the largest Portuguese festivals and collaborate with one of his inspirations was the achievemente of a dream for the young talent.

Deepblue since that moment in 2012 remains in the Dance Music Industry, which has already launched various tracks and will launch further more in the near future. Collaborations, with the artist Chuckie, official singles and remixes for major publishers. One of which has already been revealed, and it will be out on Warner Bros. The rest is kept a secret, which will be announced very soon.

The artist has been invited to perform in various editions of our Radioshow ‘#WideFriday’ where frequently show cases new work, and premiers tracks.

Deepblue has a new personal project at hand. Fallou is a name that the artist hopes to reach a different crowd, a deeper/tech house crowd, performances in sunsets, boiler rooms are in the agenda for this young producer. Motivated by a secret passion for underground music, led to the decision to invest in this project. In order to reach an underground international culture has developed several original songs and remixes, with feedback from international radios and artists in the underground culture.

Deepblue confessed to us he will is working hard in a few new track both for his main stage name Deepblue and his recent alias Fallou, were many have had raving reviews and support from international artists and labels, but for now he leaves us with his brand new remix of the track “Mastercris ft. Siri Svegler – Always Believe”, us for one can’t wait for more from both Deepblue and his alias Fallou as it’s clearly proven that there is plenty of talent.

In a friendly word we wish you all the success possible, and Happy 24th Birthday!


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