A 26-year-old man has died at Creamfields.

Joe Sheppard a married dad from Cornwall. The man was found by the police after they were called to a camping ground at about midnight on Saturday, but emergency services were incapable of saving him.

Approximately 70,000 revellers were at the Creamfields festival, in its 11th edition, to listen to performances from big names including Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and many more.

A spokesman said: “Cheshire Police are reminding people attending Creamfields that we want them to have a great time, but do so safely.”

“Officers continue to take positive action against those who risk others’ lives by attempting to bring illegal drugs onto site.”

“The Constabulary wants to remind people that drug supply at Creamfields will not be tolerated, and officers will take robust action where necessary.”

So ended another edition of the biggest electronic music festival in the UK, with one death recorded. A death whose causes are still unclear. But taken by many people as a warning to the substances consumed, usually at festivals. In spite of the multiple warnings year after year, made by the police and organizations, there have been several deaths due to consumption of illicit substances.


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