Longing to feel the unadulterated joy of a live show without constant interruption from social media, Lane 8manifested his desire into reality with the launch of This Never Happened. His mission is to provide fans with a raw dance space free of cell phones, where they’re encouraged to get lost in the music as a cohesive unit. The San Francisco-based producer launched an accompanying label of the same name in May, allowing him further autonomy to cultivate his personal and forward-thinking project.

Lane 8 follows This Never Happened’s debut release “Fingerprint” with its first EP, Divina/Crush. The A-side, “Divina,” settles into a vibrant soundscape with a twangy guitar groove over a prominent bassline, establishing a warm tone that persists throughout the track’s duration. “Crush” picks up the EP’s speed, pumping deep harmonies and layers of low frequency sound around a glittering topline.

Divina/Crush comes ahead of Lane 8’s expansive North American tour in support of This Never Happened, which kicks off in September in Boston.

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