During their Wild Life festival this weekend, the Disclosure brothers premiered a new track, “Boss.” When iPhone footage surfaced of the funky track, the duo unleashed two more new songs, “Moog For Love,” and “Feel Like I Do,” followed by the news of a new EP.  The new EP, presumably titled Moog For Love, is slated for release tomorrow, June 15.

Each of the three tracks share the duo’s signature funk-inspired UK garage oriented sound and cool vocal hooks. “Moog For Love” features work from Eats Everything, a frequent contributor to Disclosure’s Method White imprint while “Feel Like I Do” samples legendary soul singer Al Green. Much of the details are up in the air of yet, but each of the streams bears the same artwork — Moog’s iconic Model D synthesizer tinged with a vintage verdigris — and are likely to appear on the release.

Disclosure drop 3 club tracks from brand new EP, ‘Moog For Love’
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